Yu Rong San 玉容散

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  • enchance brightness of skin
  • For Mask
  • Enhance healtier skin

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Place of origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Crowd Not suitable for : children, infants

Yu Rong San Chinese herbal mask powder
enchance brightness of skin

Modern method of use
1, the mask usage: Cleansing the face, take mask powder about 5-7 grams, with warm water and mix into a paste, evenly coated, covered with masking paper or cling film, after 15-20 minutes, wash , Apply toner.
2, the use of facial cleanser: take a little (about the size of a small finger) powder, put on palms, after adjusting the surface of both hands on the wet surface, gently rub, feel slightly warm, pause for a while, rub hands each other, and then washed, whitening both hands and face at the same time.
3, the mask frequency: for more pigmentation, complexion, it is recommended twice a week, the skin gradually improved, then once a week.
4, wash the face frequency: it can be nightly, or once every two days.
5, this mask has been tested for skin allergies, no allergic reaction. But insurance, the customer must be done before using the allergy test, first with a little arm or neck, about 15 minutes to see if allergies.
6, the skin is damaged, ulcers, please don't use!

玉容散 汉方中药面膜粉



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