Seven White Herbal Mask Powder 七子白面膜粉

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Seven White Herbal Mask Powder 七子白面膜粉

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Place of origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

The main raw material: Angelica, Atractylodes, white peony, Fuling, lian white, silkworm, pearl, licorice, 
主要原料: 白芷 白术 白芍 白芨 茯苓 白蔹 僵蚕 珍珠 甘草
1, add appropriate amount of honey, milk and water into a paste;
2, cleansing the face, the modulation of the seven sub-white mask applied to the face;
3, the wet mask covered in mask has been deposited on the face, such as 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask paper, wash the face.
1、加适量蜂蜜、牛奶, 水调成糊状;

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