Pure Seaweed Powder, Serbuk Rumpai Laut Tulen 纯海藻粉 View larger

Pure Seaweed Powder, Serbuk Rumpai Laut Tulen 纯海藻粉

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  • Raw meterial
  • No additives
  • Enhance healtier life

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  • 200g
  • 100g
  • 50g

Shelf Life: 24 months 
Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Suitable for most of the people

** Raw Material, No additions
You may add in your own preferrable flavour

** can be drinking and applying
** most people can eat, each 5 grams.

Anti-oxidant, reduce fat accumulation, Clean the bowel

Can delay aging, prevent wrinkles, moisturizing, wrinkle, anti-inflammatory to acne, shrink pores. Increase the skin's immune and protective effect on the sun exposure, lack of sleep caused by dark spots also have a repair effect, especially for aging and dry skin, sensitive skin and skin diseases have a good skin effect

Seaweed mask:
Take 15 grams of seaweed powder and 1 spoonful of glycerin, stir into the mineral water, tune into a paste, 20 minutes later, wash with warm water and apply cream.
- seaweed powder on the rough skin is very effective, not only can provide water, but also reduce the stimulation, eliminate inflammation, do 2 times a week, the effect is very obvious.

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