Pure Poria powder, Serbuk Poria Tulen 白茯苓粉 Natural Plant Powder View larger

Pure Poria powder 白茯苓粉 Natural Plant Powder

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  • Pure Poria powder, Serbuk Poria Tulen 白茯苓粉 Natural Plant Powder
  • Weight: 100gm / 200gm

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  • 200g
  • 100g
  • 50g

Place of Origin: Hebei
Shelf life: 1 Year
Storage method: in a cool dry place
Crowd Not suitable for: During pregnancy and lactating women, infants and young children

** Raw Material, No additions
You may add in your own preferrable flavour

:- Drinking, Soup, Applying

Poria taste sweet and light, into the heart, lung, spleen. With moisturizing and water, spleen and stomach, rather the effect of peace of mind. Can cure urination, edema, fullness, phlegm cough inverse, vomiting inverse, evil resistance, diarrhea, nocturnal emission, shower, frightened, forgetfulness embolism. Poria of the water, is through the operation of the spleen and lung function to achieve, and other direct benefits of traditional Chinese medicine is different. Ling Guizhi Gan Tang, Sijunzi Tang, Sijing Tang, etc. are Poria compatibility commonly used prescription.
(A) appetizer soup. Poria 15 grams, 12 grams of yam and medicine, the valley of malt 30 grams, fresh, dry duck gizzards each one, soup drink service. Treatment of pediatric indigestion, do not think of diet.
(B) Poria twins rice porridge. Poria, barley each 25 grams, dried tangerine peel 5 grams, the amount of rice, porridge food. Treatment of children with spleen diarrhea, urinate bad.
(3) Poria coca cake. Poria, barley, white flour 30 grams, sugar amount, research into fine and even pressure into a cake, steamed. Suitable for pediatric consumption, and the effect of the spleen and stomach.
(D) Poria chen ginger juice ginger tea. Poria 25 grams, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, decoction, beverages, add 10 drops of ginger juice. There is the effect of spleen and stomach, can cure pregnancy vomiting.


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