Pure Lavender Powder 纯薰衣草粉 Natural Plant Powder View larger

Pure Lavender Powder 纯薰衣草粉 Natural Plant Powder

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Pure Lavender Powder, Serbuk Lavender Tulen 纯薰衣草粉 Natural Plant Powder

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Place of origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Crowd Not suitable for : children, infants

** Raw Material, No additions
You may add in your own preferrable flavour

:- Drinking, Applying etc....

【Function】: refreshing, relieve nerves, promote blood circulation, treatment of acne, nourish hair, inhibit high blood pressure, regulate physiological function, enhance immunity

【Introduction】: Lavender is known as "the king of grass", fresh and elegant aroma, mild nature. Is recognized as the most sedative, soothing, hypnotic effect of the plant. Soothing tension, calm mind, calm down the gas, heal the wound, to scars. Oil control, regeneration, anti-inflammatory, repair.

【Usage and 】  
1. As a lavender tea drink, take the product 3g or so, into the cup, while stirring the side to join the amount of water to brew, cover the lid after 3 minutes to drink, you can also add honey and so on to drink.       

2, mask: take lavender powder 10-15g, water, or egg white, or milk, to reconcile into a paste. Evenly applied to the face, 20 minutes wash.       

3, steamed face before making a mask, have to steamed face, in order to open the pores, better absorption of the mask. At this time, you can put about 10g of lavender powder, sprinkled into the steamed containers.

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