Pure He Shou Wu Powder 纯何首乌粉 Natural Powder View larger

Pure He Shou Wu Powder 纯何首乌粉 Natural Powder

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  • Raw meterial
  • No additives
  • Enhance healtier life

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Place of origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Crowd Not suitable for : children, infants

** Raw Material, No additions
You may add in your own preferrable flavour

:- Drinking, Cooking, Applying etc....

He Shou Wu is traditional medicine, with liver and kidney, blood, black hair, Prevent hair loss, strong bones, anti-aging effect. For blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness, to be issued as early as white, limb numbness, long illness physically weak. Hyperlipidemia.

He Shou Wu contains lecithin for the composition of nerve tissue, especially the main components of the brain, while the blood cell and other cell membrane important raw materials, and can promote blood cell regeneration and development.

He Shou Wu powder can prevent cholesterol deposition in the liver, lower serum cholesterol, and reduce the role of atherosclerosis.

How to use: below as sample, you can creat your own recipe.

1. soaked in warm water for a while, drink direct

2. Shouwu powder 30 grams, Poria powder 11 grams, white powder 8 grams mix with warm water. Efficacy: improve blood circulation, blacken hair, skin rosy.

3. He Shou Wu powder 100 grams plus water, into the 2x eggs , then add the right amount of onions, ginger, salt, cooking wine (optional) and so on. boil it, slow fire cook until egg cooked. peel the eggshell and then cook again in the pot 2 to 3 minutes to eat, eat eggs soup, once a day, the most suitable for the patients and weak people.

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