100% Pure Pearl Powder Edible, Serbuk Mutiara Tulen 纯珍珠粉 View larger

100% Pure Pearl Powder Edible, Serbuk Mutiara Tulen 纯珍珠粉

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Natural Skin Care, Facial Whitening, Detoxifying, Anti-aging, Anti-Acne, freckles, prickly heat, and improving withered and roughness of the skin.

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Place of origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
Crowd Not suitable for: During pregnancy and lactating women, infants and young children

** Raw Material, No additions
You may add in your own preferrable flavour

:- can be taken by oral, direct drinking and applying

The role of pearl powder

1, pearls can delay the skin aging of the human body.

2, Liver, eyesight, topical treatment of eye diseases, pearls have a clear role.

3, for beauty. Long-term use can make your body skin white

4, detoxification. Timely use of pearl powder in a variety of causes of skin damage, such as: stab wounds, abrasions, burns, burns, eczema, chicken pox, etc., can stop bleeding fast, anti-inflammatory fast, leaving no scars. Such as women by excessive oral administration of pearl powder, to quickly stop bleeding, but the normal amount of menstrual period is not taken in the menstrual period.

5, calcium supplement.

6, pearl was weak alkaline, with the regulation of gastric acid and uric acid and other human ph value of the effect, long-term use can make the blood was weak alkaline, improve skin immune function, and stomach acid, And because of the increase in calcium and then play an anti-allergic effect. From the chemical point of view, body can be healthy and longevity.

7, Long-term use can keep the mind sober, improve the quality of sleep

Pearl powder oral effect

Pearl powder Oral effect is more, can be summarized as: the town of sedative, eyesight to shade, detoxification myogenic, beauty, add calcium, promote the development.

First of all, the pearl is from the life of the complete calcium, calcium activity, pearl calcium content of up to 92.5%, is the best calcium products.

Second, the pearls are rich in amino acids, amino acids constitute the basic raw material of the protein, the body about 20 kinds of amino acids to maintain a variety of protein balance, pearls contain 18 species, of which 7 are essential amino acids (that is necessary from the outside intake Amino acids), lysine, methionine, threonine, valine, leucine, isoleucine and phenylalanine; pearls also contain iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, etc. More than 30 kinds of trace elements; also contains a variety of vitamins and peptides. Over the years, due to the level of science and technology, pearl powder processing is very simple, the body's absorption rate of only 17-18%, can not fully play a role. We all know that pearl powder is more easily absorbed. The emergence of nano pearl powder makes this problem has been improved. Pure chemical method of preparation of longevity birds nano pearl powder can make pearl powder diameter stable at 40-80nm. It is the biggest feature is to retain the essence of all pearls, delicate and comfortable taste, the natural effect of outstanding.

**Pearl powder edible method

-- Mouth with pearl powder: 0.3 grams of pearl powder into the mouth, pressure in the tongue, with 4-5 minutes, and then clean the mouth with warm water. Long-term use, can promote sleep, keep the skin healthy and moist.

-- Pearl tea: the same amount of pearl powder and tea into the cup, with boiling water, tea/ juice mix with pearl powder. There are emollients, beauty effect, apply to the beginning of aging skin.

-- With pearl powder cooking: every time cooking, soup, you can add 0.3 grams of pearl powder after the addition of food, long-term use, beauty, but avoid frying.

Taking taboo of pearl powder

As the pearl powder cool, so women should be disabled during menstruation, pregnant women and spleen and stomach Deficiency should be used with caution. Allergies, especially those who have been found allergic to pearls, should avoid using.

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